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Unscene Productions is a full-service multimedia production company located in Ocean City, Maryland. With over 25 years of experience producing a wide variety of National TV Programs, Independent Films , Hooked On OC, and more! Unscene Productions is available and will travel for all of your production needs! Check out our full list of services for more information on what Unscene can offer you!


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35mm & Digital Photography
There is an age-old debate in the photography world- which is better? Film or digital? At Unscene Productions we value the art of both methods when capturing the perfect moment, and honor them just the same by providing our clients with both options.
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Photography Shoots
At Unscene Productions we offer all photography services, from weddings and family photos to headshots. Although we’re based in Ocean City, Maryland, some of our favorite moments have been captured in the most unexpected places, where will your next shoot take you?
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Underwater Photography
When you live in OCMD, water just becomes part of your day-to-day life, but at Unscene Productions we take our love of the water to the next level. Check out our awesome underwater shots and contact us today to book your session!


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Animation & Graphic Design
Help your business stand out against the competition with innovative graphic design work and animated videos. At Unscene Productions we offer the creative thinking and proper planning needed to incorporate all aspects of graphic design and animation into your next project.
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Dolly Shots
At Unscene Productions we offer dolly shots that allow our camera to create a smooth motion perspective for a sleek, no-bump look. A dolly also provides a consistency of movement which is perfect for editing.
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Drone Technology Services
At Unscene Productions we are drone certified to service all of your aerial image and video needs.
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Full High Def Multi Camera Shoots
At Unscene Productions we offer full high definition, multi-camera shoots so you can be sure to get the perfect angle during your next professional project.
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Independent Films
At Unscene Productions we are proud to produce unparalleled quality videos and independent films that have been involved in famed film festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and more!
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Industrial, Legal, Scholastic Videos
With over 25 years of professional videography experience, at Unscene Productions we are equipt with the knowledge and equipment for all of your industrial, legal, and scholastic video needs.
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Jib Services
For a perspective of height and motion for your next professional project, contact Unscene Productions where we can use our Jib to give smooth flexibility in the perspective of the shot.
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Live Web Streaming
Want to live stream but don’t have the right equipment or know-how? Contact Unscene Productions for your perfect live webstream set up today!
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Promotional Commercials
Unscene Productions is Ocean City’s premier production, fully equipt with a team of experts with the knowledge and professional equipment that’s needed to shoot your next commercial.
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Steadycam Operation
At Unscene Productions we offer Steadicam operations that attach to the operator and create a look of fluidity while remaining stable with the operator's body movements.
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Underwater Videography
Underwater videography takes a certain set of skills to get truly great images. Contact Unscene Productions today for your underwater videography needs.
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Videography Shoots
Investing in quality, professional videography shoots is something that you can not put a price on. Contact Unscene Productions today to book your next shoot.


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Boom Operation and Services
Unscene Production provides boom operators that are fully trained and responsible for the selection, placement, and setup of microphones so that the best quality sounds are always captured.
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Editing & Post Production Services
After shooting your film, the raw footage needs to be edited, whether that be cutting scenes, adding special effects, or working with the voice talents. At Unscene Productions we handle all of your post-production needs to complete your project.
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Grip and Lighting Services
At Unscene Productions we provide everything you need for your next film or video production including grip gear, lighting equipment and more.
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Mobile Production
Looking to shoot your next production on the road? At Unscene Productions we are fully equipt with mobile production equipment to fit all of your needs.
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Multimedia Production
Multimedia production is any sort of production that uses imagery, text, audio and/or graphics to tell a story. Contact Unscene Productions for your multimedia production needs.
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Pro-Audio Sound Recording
At Unscene Productions we provide professional audio sound recording equipment for your next podcast, video, or other production.
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Professional Voice Narration
At Unscene Productions we are fully equipt to provide your next production with professional voice narration.
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Writing the perfect script can be difficult, at Unscene Productions we provide professional and experienced scriptwriting for your next production.
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Social Media
Social Media content creation and management over several platforms with custom creation to fit your business and the always-changing social environments. With page creation and management, Unscene Productions works directly with its' client with Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans to fit your budget.
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Do you have a vision for your next production? At Unscene Productions our team of experts is on hand to create the perfect storyboard to organize your next production.
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Technical and Event Direction / Production
Technical and Event Direction and Production means that Unscene Productions provides all of the planning and coordination required to make all event coverage truly successful.
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TV / Internet Production
Starting your own television or internet show is a huge dream for many. At Unscene Productions we can help this dream come true, contact us today to begin the journey to turning your dreams into reality.

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