UnScene Productions Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet our staff! At Unscene Productions, each one of our team members is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and providing our clients with exceptional service with the results that they’re looking for. From photography to videography, and production, our crew doesn’t miss a beat and promises to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

UnScene Production team shooting

Meet the team

Dave Messick Headshot

Likes butter popcorn & roy rogers ( the drink)

Dave Messick

Matt McQueeney
Producer & Editor
young boy taking a photograph

Likes cinnamon toast crunch & tornado kicks

Dorian Messick

Likes beer and rare steaks

John Benn
Mike Arbin headshot

Likes OC Tap Water and Pringles

Mike Arbin
Producer/Aerial Specialist
man holding a microphone speaking

Likes pizza & diet orange soda

Scott Lenox
Producer and Host
woman with a camera on tripod

Likes natural spring water & greek salads

Simona Calin
Photographer & Producer

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